ANTYTILA в Германии

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After the successful tour in November 2022, the band 'Antytila' is returning to Germany to delight their fans.

2Step, Bakhmut Fortress , TDME, Viryla, these songs became consolation and salvation for many people during the war. An excuse to cry, or to smile, grieve and cry out what hurts and find the strength to live and fight on. These songs will be performed live in Kyiv soon, and we are sure that all these songs will be sung along with Antytila by the completely filled Palace of Sports.


"This concert, in fact, could not happen. When we came to our 130th Battalion on the first day of the war, we did not think at all that after a year and a half we would be able to take the stage again. We just left the instruments at home and picked up the guns, that's all. In Kharkiv Oblast, we faced the death several times, and you know what, after that you especially appreciate life. Especially. Therefore, if you are reading this text, alive, then there is a reason to thank fate for this! And get together to sing songs that have meaning, nerve and unique history," says the leader of Antytila, Taras Topolia.


Each concert of Antytila band is a unique musical show, filled with meaning and technical and sound solutions. Antytila are preparing a special program for their fans.


Currently, the musicians direct all their efforts to the volunteer projects of their own Charitable Foundation, which also takes care of the children and families of the fallen soldiers of their 130th battalion.

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