Concerts Berlin

Mashina Vremeni Concerts in Germany

Alexander Nezlobin in Berlin

The play "My Grandson Benjamin" in Germany

Sergey Aleksashenko in Berlin

BI-2 "World Tour" in Germany

Максим Леонидов в Германии

Sukhishvili Ballet 2023

«Пошлая Молли» в Германии

Ballet «The great Gatsby» 2023

Valery Meladze Tour 2023 in Germany

The band "Nervy" in Germany 2023

Children's multimedia performance "Cosmo Show"

Nargiz in Germany 2023

New Year's tree "In Search of Santa Claus" in Germany

Magic Christmas tree "New Year's Adventures of a Snowman"

"From fairy tale to fairy tale" in Germany

New Year's adventures of puppies in Germany

Classical Moscow Ballet «Sleeping Beauty»

ZIVERT. Tour in Germany 2024

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