Tickets for concerts and other events in Germany and Europe

The band "Nervy" in Germany 2024

Mashina Vremeni band in Europe. Tour 2024

Danila Kozlovsky in Spain and Switzerland "FRANK"

Anacondaz in Europe

Ruslan Bely in Germany

"Spleen" in Germany 2024

The play "The Lost Mirror" in Berlin

The play "Cat House" in Frankfurt.

Dmitry Bykov in Germany and Vienna

Dmitry Bykov in Vienna. About Harry Potter

Masha Mashkova in the play "Nadezhdins" in Berlin

Катерина Гордеева в Германии и Европе

Vladimir Pozner and Ivan Urgant in Germany and Europe

The play "Papa" in Germany

Grigory Oster in Berlin. "Harmful Advice."

Mumiy Troll in Paris

Ilya Kolmanovsky in Vienna. Wise crowd

Ilya Kolmanovsky in Vienna. The origin of man

Ilya Kolmanovsky in Berlin. How to live if we have a brain in our head

Ilya Kolmanovsky in Berlin. About the bad

IC3PEAK in Germany

Sergei Sadovoy at the Old Opera House in Frankfurt. Accordion

Loboda in Prague and Vienna

Anton Dolin in Cologne

Ekaterina Shulman and Maxim Kurnikov in Frankfurt

Liya Akhedzhakova in Germany and Vienna. The play "My Grandson Benjamin"

Glamotion 2024 Festival. Jony in Oberhausen

Glamotion 2024 Festival. Jony in Fecht

The play "Anna Karenina" in Italy

Valery Meladze in Germany. Tour 2024

Original Enigma Voices in Germany

Georgian Ballet Sukhishvili in Germany

Boombox Group. European tour

Kirill Safonov. The play "Return Ticket" in Germany

Duo Rabbits in Germany Tour 2024

Lesha Svik in Berlin

Oper singer Olga Kulchynska in Germany

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