Anna Vilensky in Munich

17 Feb 2024 Saturday 19:00
The event has already passed

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Anna Vilensky: Accessible information about classical music

Do you want to know why Bach, Beethoven, Wagner, Mendelssohn and Orff are better than other, less famous composers? Then come to a meeting with musicologist Anna Vilenskaya. Do you think a lecture is boring? Anna Vilenskaya destroys all stereotypes about lecturers. It is not for nothing that Forbes included her in the list of the thirty most influential people under the age of 30.


In her lecture "German Academic Music as a World Meme", contemporary music researcher Anna Vilenskaya will talk about why the music of German composers is most often heard in movies: Bach - by Tarkovsky, Wagner - by Trier, Beethoven - by Kubrick. Spoiler: because German music often carries many cultural symbols and meanings, some taken from the musical fabric and some from the history or biography of the composers who created it. Anna Vilensky will tell us why Wagner's musical experiments destroyed classical harmony, and whether Beethoven is a classicist or a romantic. And no boring stories! After all, the answers to all the questions can be found in the musical fabric of the works.

And the main thing is that there is no need to prepare in advance: the lecture is designed for people without musical training.

It is no coincidence that Vilenskaya's channel "Open Musical Lecture" has almost 160,000 thousand subscribers. Since her studies at the Conservatoire, Anna has wanted to talk about music in a fascinating and emotional way, without snobbery or museum historicism. And she has done it! Her stories about music are visualized, simple and have practical benefits for the listener.

Vilenskaya began her lectures in bars in St. Petersburg, then in libraries, and then in theaters and museums in various cities of Russia, and read author's cycles in philharmonic societies. Anna created her own show on Warner music Russia.

With the outbreak of a full-scale war, Anna left with her husband to Tbilisi and gives lectures in private centers and organizations, and also works in a school and teaches people around the world to give lectures with the help of her video course.

You will be able to listen to Anna Vilenskaya's non-boring lecture in February.