Alexander Vasiliev in Berlin

19 Apr 2024 Friday 18:30
Berlin / Theater im Delphi
Gustav-Adolf-Straße 2, 13086 Berlin

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"BEAUTYIN ISGNATION": lecture by fashion historian Alexander Vasiliev

Alexander Vasiliev will give his lecture "BEAUTY IN FASHION" on April 19, in Berlin. Want to know what was the role of fashion in history and history - in fashion - welcome to meet the most famous fashion historian!

Alexander Vasiliev is a fashion historian, theater decorator and art historian, TV presenter and collector. He is also a brilliant storyteller. His lectures are listened to in one breath. He has a gift for presenting facts in a juicy and colorful way.

Among the exhibits of the collection of clothes and accessories that Vasilyev has been collecting for almost half a century are the dresses of Maya Plisetskaya, Olga von Kreutz, Jacqueline de Bogurdon, Princess Maria Scherbatova. Alexander Vasiliev's collection is the basis for the Fashion Museum he created in Riga.
The lecture "BEAUTY IN EXILE" touches upon the topic of post-revolutionary Russian emigration to Europe and the role of its representatives in shaping the fashion of the 20s and 30s. In the European capitals that became centers of emigration - Berlin, Constantinople, Prague, Paris, Belgrade - representatives of the Russian aristocracy, who found themselves in exile, opened successful fashion houses and embroidery houses, became famous models.
Alexander Vasiliev draws historical parallels with the present time, telling his listeners what influence the current wave of Russian emigration has on world fashion.
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