The play "My Grandson Benjamin" in Germany

Full description

This family story, based on a play by Lyudmila Ulitskaya, is imbued with a note of nostalgia. Watching the funny and dramatic events unfolding on the stage, the viewer is as if immersed in the atmosphere of the late 80s, the time of the decline of the Soviet era.
The main character, played by Liya Akhedzhakova, is a strong and commanding Esther, unswervingly following tradition and adhering to the foundations, who is actively arranging her son's private life. Despite his resistance, the loving mother tries to make him happy by force and brings the young man the "right" bride. To do this, the heroine goes to her hometown.

But the elaborate plan breaks down: Esther's son does not accept the rules of the game imposed by his mother and resists the marriage, and the bride is not exactly who she says she is.

The protagonist has to reconcile and reconsider her principles. Esther gives her love to her daughter-in-law and grandson, who is not even her own.

This touching melodrama once again raises the issues of intergenerational relationships and the capacity of a mother's heart for boundless love.