Maxim Galkin in Germany 2023

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Tickets for Maxim Galkin's solo concerts in Germany and Austria are on sale now!

The popular parodist, showman, comedian, TV presenter and comedian Maxim Galkin will come with his now iconic parodies, comedy sketches and musical numbers.


Galkin has become famous for hisparodies of famous personalities. And often, they are good at it. Maxim does not hesitate to portray actors, and politicians, and even his colleagues. And here at school and university, the future star was often called "Pushkin", but not because of the poems: simply Galkin was a big fan of literature, read books vahlem and was the owner of a noticeable curly hairdo. You may also remember Maxim from the entertainment show "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" on TV, which Galkin hosted since 2001.


Maxim Galkin loves to surprise his fans. In his performances you can see both unexpected numbers, and even experiments. For example, the artist can perform a song under the guitar or on the piano. In addition, he always tries to make his performance as lively and interesting as possible. Not without reason, many viewers remember Maxim Galkin's performances as one of the most vivid events in life. It is for the sake of achieving such an effect, the artist tries every time to pamper his favorite viewers with a completely updated, reworked concert program.


The impersonator masterfully feels his audience, manages the audience's attention and keeps the atmosphere of a great humorous feast in the hall.


Come with your friends, family, colleagues and spend a pleasant, funny evening in good company!