Ljubov' Uspenskaja in Germany 2022

20 Nov 2022 Sunday 18:30
Neuss / Neuss Stadthalle Selikumer Str. 25, 41460 Neuss
18 Nov 2022 Friday 20:00
Offenbach (Frankfurt am Main) / Offenbach Stadthalle Waldstr. 312, 63071 Offenbach
17 Nov 2022 Thursday 19:30
Karlsruhe / Konzerthaus Karlsruhe Festplatz 9, 76137 Karlsruhe
15 Nov 2022 Tuesday 20:00
Koblenz / Rhein-Mosel-Halle Koblenz Julius-Wegeler-Straße 4, 56068 Koblenz
13 Nov 2022 Sunday 19:00
Hamburg / Friedrich-Ebert-Halle Alter Postweg 34, 21075 Hamburg
12 Nov 2022 Saturday 19:00
Berlin / Ernst-Reuter-Saal Eichborndamm 213, 13437 Berlin
10 Nov 2022 Thursday 20:00
Fürth / Stadthalle Fürth Rosenstraße 50, 90762 Fürth

Full description

In autumn 2022, Germany expects a grandiose music event - the current tour of the Russian singing icon Lyubov Uspenskaya!

Her charming voice and heartfelt songs are known to every listener from Russia, Ukraine and the USA and gain additional fans every new year. The queen of Russian chansons will soon be on tour in Germany. This performer has already received the 'Chanson of the Year' award several times. Each of her compositions is a little story of its own, which skilfully plays on the delicate strings of the audience's soul.

The difficult fate of Lyubov Zalmanovna and the original nature of her performances established her among the most popular artists in Russia and at the same time earned her the proud title of 'Star of Urban Romanticism'. Today Lyubov Uspenskaya's collection of personal successes and achievements includes countless awards and music prizes - not least for her outstanding duets with the most popular performers on the Russian stage.

Little Lyuba was born with a love for music from her creative family, because all of her relatives played different instruments. After successfully completing the music school and continuing education at the Kiev Music School, Lyubov Zalmanovna begins to perform at the tender age of 17. Fate and her extraordinary musical achievements made it possible for the young artist to travel to different foreign countries and get to know different cultures at a young age. The impressions of her travels through Armenia, Italy, the USA and Russia are therefore understandably reflected in her songs. And yet no outside influence could tarnish the deep Russian soul of the exceptional artist. And it is precisely this mixture that shapes the work of Lyubov Uspenskaya to this day and at the same time touches the audience.

Attending a concert by Lyubov Uspenskaya is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the cozy atmosphere of her warm, enveloping voice and cry and laugh at the same time. The rousing performances of the current tour by Lyubov Uspenskaya will delight you with your favorite compositions and also surprise you with new songs. At the concert you will not only hear the world-famous hits such as "Cabrio", "To the single, tender ...", "An der Stange" and "I am lost", but also many other musical highlights. Do not miss your chance of a wonderful, unforgettable evening in the company of the legendary singer and a simply elegant woman and diva in the truest sense of the word.