Euro Disco in Germany

06 Oct 2023 Friday 19:30
Gütersloh / Stadthalle Gütersloh / Großer Saal
Friedrichstraße 10, 33330 Gütersloh
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07 Oct 2023 Saturday 19:00
Schwäbisch Hall / Neubausaal
Rosenbühl 14, 74523 Schwäbisch Hall
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08 Oct 2023 Sunday 19:00
Karlsruhe / Konzerthaus Karlsruhe
Festplatz 9, 76137 Karlsruhe
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11 Oct 2023 Wednesday 19:30
Bremen / Die Glocke
Domsheide 4, 28195 Bremen
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12 Oct 2023 Thursday 19:30
Hamburg / Friedrich-Ebert-Halle
Alter Postweg 34, 21075 Hamburg
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14 Oct 2023 Saturday 19:00
Berlin / Urania Berlin
An der Urania 17, 10787 Berlin
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15 Oct 2023 Sunday 19:00
Fürth / Stadthalle Fürth
Rosenstraße 50, 90762 Fürth
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16 Oct 2023 Monday 19:30
Offenbach (Frankfurt am Main) / Capitol Theater
Goethestraße 1-5, 63067 Offenbach am Main
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19 Oct 2023 Thursday 19:30
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20 Oct 2023 Friday 19:30
Trier / Trier Europahalle
Viehmarktplatz 15, 54290 Trier
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21 Oct 2023 Saturday 19:00
Ratingen bei Düsseldorf / Dumeklemmerhalle - Stadthalle Ratingen
Schützenstraße 1, 40878 Ratingen
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22 Oct 2023 Sunday 19:00
Augsburg / Kongress am Park Augsburg
Gögginger Str. 10, 86159 Augsburg
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Full description

For the first time in Germany! Euro Disco" concert program with the legendary bands Dschinghis Khan, Arabesque and "Horizon". It will be an unforgettable show full of hits, dancing and fun!


Famous German pop band, founded by composer and producer Ralph Siegel. The career of the band Dschinghis Khan began on March 31, 1979 with their participation in the Eurovision Song Contest, where they represented Germany.

The band Dschinghis Khan is considered one of the most successful German bands. They have sold more than 25 million records with popular hits, received numerous platinum and gold records, and won national and international awards in more than 20 countries. In Israel and Japan the band reached #1 in the charts, and in the USSR they released 5 times more records than in the rest of the world!

The photos of the band members were flaunting on the covers of the biggest magazines. Cult hits still give joy to the audience and get applause all over the world - these are "Rocking Son Of Dschinghis Khan", "Hadschi Halef Omar", "Rom".

Now the team consists of 6 world-class dancers and singers who turn the stage into an exotic camp of dance and acrobatics and delight fans with famous hits and colorful show.

Dschinghis Khan on Facebook h


This famous band was formed in 1976 by producers Wolfgang Muse and Jean Frankfurter with the original lineup: Michaela Rose, Mary Ann Nagel and Karen Tepperis. Since then, the success of ARABESQUE has been tremendous! Concert tours throughout Asia and Europe (Japan, South Korea, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, etc.) 10 albums, 40 singles and 51 compilations have been released in more than 38 countries

ARABESQUE currently has over 30 million records sold and a multitude of awards to its credit. Their biggest hits are still "Hello Mr. Monkey", "In for a Penny", "Rock me after Midnight", "Midnight Dancer", "Marigot Bay", "Friday Night" to name a few.

Over the years, the band's lineup has changed from time to time for various reasons. In 2006, when the interest in ARABESQUE was reborn, Michaela Rose decided to return with this project together with new singers (Silke Brauner, Sabine Kemper, Tanja Goetemann, Katrin Schins, and Melanie Stahlkopf). All of the band's legendary songs were re-recorded by Michaela in the recording studio and officially released on Monopol Records.

Since then "ARABESQUE" has been constantly touring in countries like Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Latvia, Moldova, Belarus, Romania, Estonia, Germany, Turkey and many others. Thanks to Michaela Rose, ARABESQUE has celebrated its 40th anniversary on stage and continues to give concerts for fans all over the world under the name "ARABESQUE original Michaela Rose". She works tirelessly to keep the legend alive. As one of the founders, Michaela Rose owns the rights to the "ARABESQUE" brand and has obtained the exclusive rights to use and perform all the songs

"ARABESQUE" from the recording company Monopol Records.

Micaela Rose on Instagram:



This is a continuation of the traditions of the legendary Soviet VIA, founded in 1976 by composer and conductor, Honored Artist of Russia Oleg Milstein. VIA "Orizonte" was the first group in the USSR to organically introduce elements of funk music into author's works and folk Moldovan motifs. For its multi-layered musical palette and style, the ensemble "Orizonat" was compared with the group "Earth, Wind and Fire".

The ensemble "Orizont" became known to the majority of people in 1978 after winning the All-Union television competition "With a song through life", the ensemble successfully participated in concert programs of the 1980 Olympics, in various festivals, including "Song of the Year". Performed concerts in Africa, Vietnam, Syria, Poland, Romania, East Germany, Italy and other countries, uniting people of different peoples and cultures with their creativity. The ensemble often accompanied such international stars of the time as Karel Gott, Mireille Mathieu, Julio Iglesias, and many others.

In 2020, it was decided to revive the Orizonte in its modern quality. It now bears the name of its founder, Oleg Milstein. Popular songs are returning to listeners in an up-to-date sound. The band's repertoire is constantly updated with new compositions.

In 2022, after a long break, the band's album called "New Love" was released. Also, "Orizonte" recorded duets with the world stars. The band annually performs with great success at the festival "Slavic Bazaar" in Vitebsk and at other numerous events in different cities and countries.

"Orizont" in social networks: https: //

The bands Dschinghis Khan, ARABESQUE and Orizonte are waiting for you at their shows in Germany with the "Euro Disco" program! Hurry up to buy tickets for the best seats!