EMIN. Tour 2023

21 Apr 2023 Friday 20:00
Altötting / Kultur + Kongress Forum Altötting Zuccalliplatz 1, 84503 Altötting
20 Apr 2023 Thursday 20:00
Fürth / Stadthalle Fürth Rosenstraße 50, 90762 Fürth
18 Apr 2023 Tuesday 20:00
Karlsruhe / Konzerthaus Karlsruhe Festplatz 9, 76137 Karlsruhe
16 Apr 2023 Sunday 19:00
Offenbach (Frankfurt am Main) / Capitol Theater Goethestraße 1-5, 63067 Offenbach am Main
15 Apr 2023 Saturday 19:30
Neuss / Neuss Stadthalle Selikumer Str. 25, 41460 Neuss
14 Apr 2023 Friday 20:00
Gütersloh / Stadthalle Gütersloh / Großer Saal Friedrichstraße 10, 33330 Gütersloh

Full description

EMIN - New tour throughout Germany in Apryl 2023

You can fall in love with his looks and subtle smile, or fall in love with his velvety voice, but one thing is for sure - he will not leave you indifferent!

The talented composer, virtuoso musician and inimitable performer EMIN is touring Germany with his new program in spring 2023. 6 cities in the center of Europe will be the scene of a major music festival, because every EMIN concert is an unforgettable event.

The warm and sincere communication with the audience gives EMIN incredible strength and serves as an inspiration for the artist to create a new music program every year. 2023 won't be an exception. Concert-visitors in Germany can expect the best hits and the latest compositions by the singer, crystal-clear live sound, incomparable instrument play, stylish stage decoration supported by the latest visual technology and, above all, a special, confidential atmosphere.

The playlist of the current program will contain new songs as well as the best romantic ballads, which have become EMIN's trademark for years:
- Still
- Я лучше всех живу
- Начистоту
- Невероятная
- Amor
- Сердце пополам
- Синяя вечность

The concert will not only be emotional, but also brand new, dynamic and thrilling. EMIN will definitely perform his best dance pieces and just won't allow you to sit quietly in your seats:
- Boomerang
- Сбежим в Баку
- Good Love

EMIN understands like no other how to ensure real relaxation, create a friendly atmosphere and convey incredible emotions to the audience, because he is also the maker and organizer of the most stylish and hottest music festival in Russia, "ZHARA". So it will also be hot at his solo concerts in Germany in Apryl 2023. You will remember this evening for a lifetime!

See you in your city!