Monetochka in Germany

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Monetochka in Germany


In a few years, Monetochka's (Lisa Girdymova) work has transformed from niche "music for teenagers" into a cultural phenomenon capable of bringing together three generations at a single concert. The singer's songs have become a reflection of the spirit of the times. In November, Monetochka will perform in Germany as part of her international tour.


Behind the outward touching and defenselessness lies extraordinary strength and courage. Monetochka's songs are the singer's bold reaction to current events: their deeply philosophical lyrics evoke a whole range of emotions.

The lively and sincere atmosphere that reigns at Monetochka's concerts gathers full halls. In 2022, together with Ivan Alexeev (Noize MC), the singer gave a series of Voices of Peace concerts, thanks to which the musicians and the audience were able to help the people of Ukraine, whose peaceful life was destroyed by the war.

In Lisa's songs there are sincere feelings and experiences of a real person. That is why her creativity resonates in everyone's soul.