Сoncerts in Germany 2023

Danila Kozlovsky in Germany "FRANK"

Tenors di Napoli in Germany

Tatiana and Sergey Nikitin in Germany "Everyone chooses for himself"

Leyla Akhmetova and Andrey Vinichenko. Chamber music in Berlin

Timur Shaov in Germany. New and best

"Naughty Molly" in Germany

AIGEL in Berlin

ONUKA in Germany

Dance Symphony 80s-90s in Germany. Prime Orchestra

Morgenstern in Cologne

The group "Mirage" in Germany. Disco in the style of the 90s

Main spring ball with Elena Vorobey in Germany

Bad Salzuflen Fair 2024

The band "Nervy" in Germany 2024

Mashina Vremeni band in Europe. Tour 2024

"Spleen" in Germany 2024

Boombox Group. European tour

IC3PEAK in Germany

Valery Meladze in Germany. Tour 2024

Original Enigma Voices in Germany

Duo Rabbits in Germany Tour 2024

Lesha Svik in Berlin

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