Mikhail Labkovsky in Germany

23 Mar 2024 Saturday 19:00
München / Werk7 Theater München Speicherstr. 22, 81671 München
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22 Mar 2024 Friday 19:30
Stuttgart / Sängerhalle Stuttgart Lindenschulstraße 29, 70327 Stuttgart
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21 Mar 2024 Thursday 19:30
Frankfurt am Main / Jahrhunderthalle Club Pfaffenwiese 301, 65929, Frankfurt am Main
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20 Mar 2024 Wednesday 19:30
Duisburg / Rheinhausen Halle Beethovenstraße 20, 47226, Duisburg
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17 Mar 2024 Sunday 19:00
Berlin / Urania Berlin An der Urania 17, 10787 Berlin
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Full description

Psychologist Mikhail Labkovsky: "A Big Conversation on Happiness"


The most recognizable psychologist, according to Forbes magazine, the owner of a silver YouTube button, the author of the bestseller "I want and will. Accept yourself, love life and become happy", lawyer, TV and radio host. And all this about one person - Mikhail Labkovsky! Already in March, fans of the renowned psychologist in Germany will be able to attend his public consultation "Big Talk about Happiness" and personally ask him questions.


What is necessary for real happiness?

For some people happiness is a successful marriage, for others - financial well-being, for others - motherhood. The fourth are sure: if you do not realize in your profession, you will be left at a broken trough.

Everyone is right. And no one is wrong.

Psychologist Mikhail Labkovsky shares a simple recipe for happiness: "To be happy, you need to do what you want to do, what brings you joy and pleasure.

But many people simply do not know what they really want, they do not know how to separate their true desires from what is "prestigious" and "right", what society dictates. And even having learned, they do not hurry to go after their dreams, because "it's too late to start something", "and what will the neighbors say?". And, after all, "is it possible to be happy in our difficult times?".

Mikhail Labkovsky is sure that it is not only possible, but also necessary. And everyone is able to change their lives for the better. On how to do this, he will talk at the public consultation "Big talk about happiness".

Come if you:

Have never felt happy - or have completely forgotten what that feeling is.
Have no idea what would make you feel that way.
On the contrary, you firmly know what you need for happiness (career, car, enviable fiancé, moving to another country - emphasis added), but you can not get it.
You are still waiting for that very moment, the event after which you will finally become happy, and you do not know how to enjoy yourself here and now.
According to a long-established tradition, Mikhail Labkovsky will speak for 10-15 minutes on the stated topic, and then will answer specific questions. It is better to prepare notes with questions in advance, as well as oral questions that you will be able to ask into the microphone.