Georgian song and dance ensemble Erisioni in Frankfurt

07 Mar 2024 Thursday 20:00
Offenbach (Frankfurt am Main) / Offenbach Stadthalle Waldstr. 312, 63071 Offenbach
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Erisioni Ensemble: "Georgian Treasure" in Germany

TheState Academic Song and Dance Ensemble of Georgia "Erisioni " has several incredible achievements to its credit. The song "Chakrulo", recorded by the soloists of the ensemble, went into space with NASA astronauts in 1977. Another song, "Samaia" from the show program "Erisioni", was chosen by Universal for its collection of the best performers of all time. And the ensemble itself is an incredible long-liver: in 2023 "Erisioni" celebrated 138 years! Already in March 2024 you will be able to see the living legend on the stage of Stadthalle Offenbach (Frankfurt am Main). You can't miss it!


The State Academic Song and Dance Ensemble of Georgia "Erisioni" is called an ensemble-museum. Thanks to the unique singers and dancers of the "Erisioni" ensemble, the rich centuries-old history of Georgia comes to life on stage. The ensemble's two-hour program includes famous Georgian polyphonic singing, colorful and emotional round dances, ritual and festive dances.

During the almost one and a half century history of the ensemble's existence, its members have included famous Georgian conductors, choirmasters and choreographers Sandro Kavsadze, Kirile Pachkoria, Grigol Kokeladze, Shalva Mshvelidze, Valerian Tsagareishvili and others.

The talent of dancers and singers of "Erisioni" was applauded in Paris and New York, Beijing and Istanbul, Los Angeles and Madrid.

For the huge contribution to the world and Georgian culture, the Georgian people in 2010 awarded the "Erisioni" ensemble the Star of Honor, which is located in the capital of Georgia - Tbilisi - at the entrance to the State Concert Hall.

Since 2015, the artistic director of the ensemble is Shermandi Chkuaseli, while the chief choreographer is Eka Chkuaseli and the chief conductor is Jemal Chkuaseli.

Under their direction, the show program "Georgian Treasure" was created, which was presented in 2019 in China and was a huge success: the performance of Georgian artists was shown on the Chinese TV channel CCTV, where it was watched by 600 million viewers!

In March 2024, you will be able to see this amazing group perform on the stage of Stadthalle Offenbach (Frankfurt am Main). Don't miss the unique chance to enjoy an unprecedented spectacle and touch the ancient history of Georgia!