Georgian song and dance ensemble Erisioni in Italy

10 Mar 2024 Sunday 21:00
PADOVA / Gran Teatro Geox Via Tassinari,1, 35136 PADOVA
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09 Mar 2024 Saturday 21:00
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Ensemble "ERISIONI" presents a show program



The State Academic Song and Dance Ensemble of Georgia "Erisioni" was founded in 1885. The ensemble has entered its 3rd century, which is an unprecedented case both in Georgia and outside Georgia. It is also called an ensemble-museum. Since the day of its foundation the ensemble is the only one in Georgia, which with its fidelity to the national folklore, its own traditions, original source and functional load is able to revive, preserve and pass on to future generations the masterpieces of folk professional creativity of all corners of our country, which have passed through millennia and survived them. Two-voice choirs, round dance, ritual, festive and other samples.

During the 135 years of its existence the members of the ensemble were such famous Georgian conductors, choirmasters and choreographers as: Sandro Kavsadze, Mikheil Kavsadze, Kirile Pachkoria, Datashka Kavsadze, Grigol Kokeladze, Shalva Mshvelidze, Valerian Tsagareishvili, Anzor Kavsadze, Grigol Chkhikvadze, Guram Bakradze, David Javrishvili, Jano Bagrationi, Iliko Sukhishvili, Avtandil Tataradze, Konstantine Manjgaladze, Rezo Khonelidze, Bukhuti Darakhvelidze, Givi Kojorashvili, Revaz Chokhonelidze.

During the period of its existence the ensemble has amazed many countries and cities of the world - Paris, Geneva, Brussels, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Madrid, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Athens, Istanbul, China, (Beijing, Gwanzhou, Tianjin, Nanchang, Huayan), Singapore, Ukraine, India, Vietnam, Peru, Mexico, Canada, Germany, Norway, Canary and Caribbean Islands, Baltic States, Belarus and others. In its show program "Erisioni" during two hours presents Georgian folk songs and dances, which have no analog on the whole planet, characteristic for all corners of Georgia costumes, Georgian character and ethnographic nature. It is a matter of pride that Erisioni show programs inspired by Georgian songs and dances not only withstand the demands of the time, but are ahead of it with their originality and incomparable polyphonic way of thinking.

It is worth noting that along with several musical masterpieces of the world, in 1977 NASA sent Georgian folk song "Chakrulo" to the galaxy as a voyager. The song was recorded by soloists of the "Erisioni" ensemble Rostom Saginashvili and Ilya Zakaidze.

It will not be an exaggeration to note that since 2002 the golden age for "Erisioni" began. It was during these years that the ensemble was named after "Erisioni" (which in Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani's dictionary means "heavenly", "higher than a mountain peak").

In 1999-2007, world-famous international show programs were realized: "Legend of Tamara", "Georgian Legend" and "Georgian Storm". With these projects "Erisioni" traveled around many countries of the world and achieved the greatest success. In 2002 in Paris the ensemble "Erisioni" was given a golden disk.

Information and advertising media reported about the triumphant return of the ensemble in Paris.

In the same year the company "Universal" picked up and published recordings of the best performers and ensembles of the world: Montserrat Caballe, Freddie Mercury, Andrea Bocelli, Luciano Pavarotti, Sarah Britmann, Jose Carreras, Placido Domingo, Maria Callas and others. Among them "Samaia" (Shatilis Asulo) - from the show program "Georgian Legend" "Erisioni". This is an unprecedented case in the history of Georgian culture.

In 2001 UNESCO recognized Georgian folk song as a masterpiece of musical thinking of the peoples of the world. According to Igor Stravinsky's assessment, the Georgian folk song (particularly the Gurian song) "Krimanchuli" is one of the most modern songs of all time. For its great contribution to world and Georgian culture, the ensemble with 135 years of history, the Georgian people in 2010 deservedly awarded the Star of Honor, which is located in the capital of Georgia at the entrance to the State Concert Hall.

Since 2015, the ensemble's artistic director is Shermandi Chkuaseli, while the chief choreographer is Eka Chkuaseli and the chief conductor is Jemal Chkuaseli.

From August 30 to September 14, 2019, the ensemble presented the show program "Georgian Treasure" in six Chinese cities at the International Youth Festival, which was a huge success. And the performance of the ensemble "Erisioni" at the mid-autumn gala concert on China's central television CCTV was watched by 600 million viewers.

According to Georgian and foreign viewers, the new program was a success, it is one of the best among the programs of "Erisioni". Thanks to the merits of the ensemble's artistic director Shermandi Chkuaseli and the ensemble's chief choreographer Eka Chkuaseli, the show is a step forward as a more dynamic and diverse performance, which figuratively and with marvelous ethnographic accuracy reflects the ancient history of Georgia.