The play "Hell knows what!" Dmitry Nazarov and Olga Vasilyeva in Germany.

26 Apr 2024 Friday 19:30
München / Gasteig / Carl-Orff-Saal
Rosenheimer Straße 5, 81667 München
18 May 2024 Saturday 19:30

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Dmitry Nazarov and Olga Vasilyeva in the play "Hell knows what!"


The beautiful actor and poet Dmitry Nazarov, beloved by the audience for his starring role in the TV series "Kitchen", and the wonderful actress Olga Vasilyeva will present their new play "Hell Knows What!" to the audience in Germany as part of their European tour.


On the theater stage Nazarov and Vasilieva will have the world. Or rather, to prove to God that humanity, who survived the apocalypse, has a second chance. On the ruins of Babylon remained only two - 90-year-old Adam and Eve, and therefore the apple of temptation to them is no longer to the teeth, because chew it with false jaws is not so easy. So the tempter-snake will have to invent a new test for these two old people who hate each other. They will have to fall in love.

The only performance in Germany will take place on April 26, in Munich. Don't miss it!