DDT in Germany

28 Mar 2024 Thursday 20:00
Frankfurt am Main / Jahrhunderthalle Pfaffenwiese 301, 65929 Frankfurt am Main
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DDT. And that says it all

Legendary band DDT will perform in Germany with a single concert. Fans of the band's creativity are waiting for an unforgettable show, which will take place on March 28, in Frankfurt am Main.

The DDT band and its leader Yuri Shevchuk are now the voice of the era. And their big electric concert in Germany promises to become one of the main musical events of this spring. The musicians will perform not only well-known and cult compositions from all the albums of the band's existence, but also new songs from the 2023 release "Wolves in the Dash".

Yuri Shevchuk's civic lyrics have always been based on the theme of renouncing violence and overcoming hatred. In this sense, the DDT leader has never betrayed himself: neither when he refused to perform officious songs by Soviet composers in exchange for recording DDT songs at Melodiya Studios, nor in 2022 when, firmly defending his anti-war stance, he was persecuted by the Russian authorities.

DDT occupies a special place in the history of Russian rock. Shevchuk's work is a bridge between generations. The band's songs tell the true story of modern Russia with all its unsightly sides and sharp turns, but at the same time they are full of hope and faith in the best. DDT concert in Germany is high-quality live music, grandiose visual show and powerful emotions. Don't miss this event: March 28, Frankfurt am Main, Jahrhunderthalle.