90s Disco Live 2023

03 Sep 2023 Sunday 19:00
Stuttgart / Porsche-Arena Stuttgart Mercedesstraße 69, 70372 Stuttgart
03 Sep 2023 Sunday 19:00
02 Sep 2023 Saturday 19:00
Düsseldorf / PSD BANK DOME Theodorstraße 281, 40472 Düsseldorf

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90s Disco Live in 2023 in Germany and Czech Republic.

If you can still sing along to the lyrics from back then, if you can still remember pubescent school parties and if you also wore jeans all-over, cropped shirts, oversized blazers or platform sneakers, then you should buy tickets and experience the atmosphere of a bygone era!The 90s disco opens its doors for you.In just two cities: Düsseldorf and Prague.

Seal-pulling bubblegums like Bazooka and Hubba Bubba, clunky, noisy Discman, magazines with posters of megastars and hot chicks, garishly colorful accessories and much more!Everything that used to be dear to you will come alive in your memory and bring you pure fun.Only two concerts in Europe!

Your favorite singers, the top disco stars of the 90s, step down from their Bravo posters and perform their cult hits live:

Mr. President "Coco Jamboo"

La Bouche "Be My Lover", "Sweet Dreams".

Rednex"Cotton Eye Joe"

Corona "The Rhythm of the Night"

Snap "Rhythm Is A Dancer’

Haddaway"What Is Love"

Yann Destal (Modjo)

Jenny Berggren (Ace of Base)

und andere...

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A 90's disco has never been so atmospheric!This large-scale concert will unite artists who do not need additional announcements.

Get ready to travel back in time 25 years, feel the atmosphere of carefree fun and good mood!

If you decide to party in this format for the first time, you can be sure that 90s Disco Live will be one of the most awaited events in 2023!

Hurry up and buy your tickets for 90s Disco Live in Düsseldorf or Prague. Don't miss your chance to feel young, mega-cool and consistently positive again!

*The list of artists is subject to change.