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The Bilet.Kartina.TV team is for PEACE!


To our great regret and complete misunderstanding, terrible things are happening in the world. We, like you, are depressed and devastated....

Bilet.Kartina.TV has always been on the bright and joyful side of life,offering European viewers a multifaceted cultural program . But today there is no reason for joy, but an incredible desire to promote peace and understanding....

At times like this, it is very important to keep a clear head. We are all scared now, but we must not let fear hold us back, prevent us from living, making decisions and helping those in need!

Our duty now is to continue to do our job, to support you. We temporarily suspend the publication of entertainment content in our social networks, but we continue to follow the events in the world of music and theater and share them with you, because art heals, takes by the hand and unites.

Let's stick together and believe in peace and goodness!

Our partner Kartina.TV has launched a humanitarian project to help the people of Ukraine and opened a collection point.

You can bring or send by mail:

- medicines,

- formula and baby food,

- sleeping bags and blankets,

- hygiene products for women and children,

- first aid kits,

- cereals and canned food, thermoses, as well as batteries and flashlights.

Kartina.TV organizes and guarantees regular delivery of humanitarian aid to the residents of Ukraine.

Address: Kartina Digital GmbH. Rheingaustraße 53, 65201 Wiesbaden.

You can bring aid to the office from Monday to Friday from 9 to 16.

Hotline 24/7: +49 69 84 84 540