Dimash Qudaibergen

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 "A voice miracle!"

"An indescribable young man!"

"The six-octave man!"

"A phenomenal appearance!"

An extraordinary talent, uniquely clean sounds and an enviable ambition - the whole world has turned its eyes to the young Kazakh singer Dimasch Kudaibergen. Not without good reason, his friend and teacher, maestro Igor Krutoj, predicts: "Believe me, in the future the world will be at Dimash’s feet." The work of the talented singer, musician and composer quickly inspired millions of people around the world! In April 2022, European audiences will have the unique opportunity to experience Dimasch on stage with his dazzling concert program "Arnau" (Dedication).

Dimasch is the son of a well-known Kazakh singer couple and came into contact with the music very early. Even as a child, he appeared at concerts and participated in various competitions. In 2012, Dimasch won the Grand Prix of Kazakh young singer "Shas Kanat" ("Young Wings"). In the same year he received the first prize of the Ukrainian TV competition "Vostochny Bazar" (Oriental Market), and a year later he won the first place in the Kyrgyz international festival "Making Asija". In 2015 Dimash won the Grand Prix of the Belarussian Music Festival "Slavyanskij Bazar" (Slavic Market) - a milestone in the young singer's career. The career jump of the world-famous Dimash Kudaibergens took place in January 2017 after his participation in the Chinese singing competition "The Singer". In January 2018, the young artist performed on the stage of the State Kremlin Palace for the first time with the play "Ljubow ustawschich lebedej" (The Love of Exhausted Swans) written by Igor Krutoj. Already in March 2019 he gave two solo concerts in the Kremlin Palace - both were sold out!

Dimash is a master of both classical and pop singing. His uniqueness lies in his enormous vocal range, which he usually presents completely within a single song: The young artist can inspire with a gentle baritone timbre, countertenor voice and the female soprano. In addition, he masters the techniques of bel canto singing in its entirety. Dimash has the ability to combine different vocal styles, which is reflected in his diverse compositions and his colorful repertoire.
Spectators worldwide not only love him for his great voice, they also appreciate his sincere and honest manner, his songs in different languages ​​and his interactions with the audience. "Dimasch is an outstanding singer, a veritable gold piece with an angelic voice. His songs are full of emotion and make goose bumps. With his vocal art, he reaches the hearts of the people. "- In such ways fans praise him after the visit of his concerts.

Do not miss the charming voice of the charismatic young singer Dimasch Kudaibergen. See you soon at the concert!