Тина Кароль 2022

09 Nov 2022 Mittwoch 20:00
Fürth / Stadthalle Fürth
Rosenstraße 50, 90762 Fürth
12 Nov 2022 Samstag 19:00
Berlin / Ernst-Reuter-Saal
Eichborndamm 213, 13437 Berlin
13 Nov 2022 Sonntag 19:00
Hamburg / Friedrich-Ebert-Halle
Alter Postweg 34, 21075 Hamburg
17 Nov 2022 Donnerstag 19:30
Karlsruhe / Konzerthaus Karlsruhe
Festplatz 9, 76137 Karlsruhe
20 Nov 2022 Sonntag 18:30
Neuss / Neuss Stadthalle
Selikumer Str. 25, 41460 Neuss

Gesamte Beschreibung

Tina Karol is a legend of the Ukrainian stage, a singer-symbol whose songs have become soundtracks for the fate of millions of Ukrainians. She is the most titled People’s Artist of Ukraine, who has won two of the country’s highest Music Awards “for contribution to the development of the music industry”.

Her song "Ukrayina tse ty" (“Ukraine is you”) was included in the school curriculum of the anthology of Ukrainian literature. 

Tina Karol rightfully became the idol of the Ukrainian nation, having a dozen solo programs and the most successful albums in Ukraine. Tina conducts active public and charitable activities by her “The Pole of Attraction” foundation, providing medical care to hospitals in Ukraine.

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