Credit card payment (Kreditkarte)

We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express for payment

Payment is fast and safe

For optimal security, we work with 3D Secure (Visa and MasterCard)

Tickets are dispatched immediately

Payment by bank transfer (vorkasse)

Specifying bank details online is not required

After ordering the tickets, please transfer the amount indicated in the invoice within 5 days to our account

Please note that if the money does not arrive in time on our account, the tickets ordered by you will be available again on a free sale.

Tickets are dispatched as soon as money is received on our account

This payment type is not available if there are less than 5 days left before the event

PayPal payment system

For this payment option, you need to have an account with PayPal

To register, you only need to fill in all the required fields with your data once, and also choose convenient for you type of payment (writing-off of funds from the account or payment by credit card)

Subsequently, payment is made easily, quickly and securely by entering only a username and password