Affiliate program

For Organizers

Bilet.Kartina.TV invites event organizers and companies, wishing to expand their services, to cooperation. Mutually beneficial conditions of a work and accuracy of calculations are guaranteed!

Bilet.Kartina.TV provides the following services for the organizers:

  • Tickets sale via website Bilet.Kartina.TV and points of sale throughout Germany.
  • Organization of the access control system
  • Organization of advertising campaigns and promotions
  • Making a function of "ticket table"

Bilet.Kartina.TV – this is the largest database of events and announcements of events. On the website Bilet.Kartina.TV most conveniently implemented the system of Internet commerce, as well as the possibility of selling additional goods.

You can significantly increase the sale of tickets and reduce the cost of promoting the event, presented on the website Bilet.Kartina.TV. All events on the site are accompanied by a detailed description, photo and video materials, hall plans and their addresses. The visitor of the website can choose events by genres, cities and dates, as well as earn bonuses. The buyer has the opportunity to purchase both a regular and an electronic ticket on the website, in the call-center and at our dealers.

The points of sales are united into a single network.


Clients of Bilet.Kartina.TV can order tickets and their delivery by calling the call-center. Contact number of the call-center and schedule can be viewed here.

Digital technologies

Bilet.Kartina.TV develops electronic sales by connecting information sites, online stores, concert sites and theaters to ticket sales.

We are promoting the promotion of events and selling tickets to them on social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Classmates.

Organization of the access control system

Bilet.Kartina.TV regularly provides event organizers with services for the organization of the access control system, which include: provision of equipment, personnel, processing of databases of other ticket operators and organization of the ticket check-in process.

Organization of advertising campaigns and promotions

The organization of any event requires an active PR and advertising campaign. Bilet.Kartina.TV offers organizers the promotion of both their own resources and the organization of a full-scale advertising campaign.

Performing the Ticket Table Function

Bilet.Kartina.TV assumes the function of a ticket table - a ticket distribution center between ticket operators. Using the established sales channels, the visited website and the partner network, we will quickly and efficiently sell tickets for your events!

Agents and Sites

Bilet.Kartina.TV invites agents, sites and online stores to cooperate

When signing an agency contract, partners will be able to sell tickets for all events presented on the site Bilet.Kartina.TV , and earn on sale. This eliminates the need to conclude an agreement with each organizer and for each event separately. All orders from the partner's site will be recorded with the mark of the partner ID. From the amount of each order the partner will receive a commission percentage, the size of which is discussed separately.

Connect to Bilet.Kartina.TV and earn on traffic!

Types of partnership:

Mini-Application (Widget)

To organize sales on the partner's website, we offer a selling widget. It can be flexibly configured to sell tickets to a particular organizer or event. The process of configuring a mini-application does not require programming skills and takes a couple of minutes.

Selling site Bilet.Kartina.TV

To organize sales on the partner's website, we propose to deploy the selling website. Advantages of this type of cooperation:

  • A single ticket field with Bilet.Kartina.TV
  • Offline control of the slider on the site in each city
  • Possibility of outsourcing: call-center and ticket offices Bilet.Kartina.TV
  • Automatic retrieval of up-to-date information (billboard, content)
  • Saving the advertising budget (the site is fully optimized for selling search queries)