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Dmitry Nazarov will present his poems on stage

Dmitry Nazarov will present his poems on stage


The audience will be able to get acquainted with an unusual side of Dmitry Nazarov's work by visiting the actor's creative evening "L'amour-mour, or Power over the shoulder". The program including civic poetry, songs and romances will be presented in Germany in the middle of June. In the creative evening will also participate spouse Dmitry Nazarov - actress Olga Vasilyeva.

The name of the performer starring in the TV series "Kitchen" Dmitry Nazarov recently mentioned in the media most often in the context of attacks on the actor by his former colleagues. The reason for the statements was the anti-war poems and songs that Nazarov has been publishing in his social networks since the beginning of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

In January 2023, following the scandalous firing of Dmitry Nazarov and his wife Olga Vasilyeva from the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater, the actor couple was forced to emigrate from Russia.

In addition, Dmitry Nazarov was suspended from filming a new film adaptation of the novel by I. Ilf and E. Petrov, "12 Chairs", in which the actor had to play the role of Kisa Vorobyaninov. Also in the film will not include scenes with Olga Vasilyeva as Elena Stanislavovna Bowr.

Poems and songs by Dmitry Nazarov invariably gain more than several hundred thousand views on YouTube, and his poem "Goyda!" gained more than two million views.

In the new program of Dmitry Nazarov and Olga Vasilyeva "L'amour-mour, or Power over the head" will be presented both well-known works and absolutely new ones.

You can buy tickets for the creative evening of Dmitry Nazarov and Olga Vasilyeva by following the link.